Andamento Studio & Gallery

Fine Art Mosaics and Handcrafted Jewelry

"Gathering Round" by Gail Rosen

Andamento is an Italian word meaning ‘movement’ or ‘course.’ It describes the flow of lines in a piece of mosaic art produced by placement of rows of materials chosen by the artist.

Featuring mosaic art by Gail Rosen and jewelry designs by Gina Tackett and Zoey Meyers, with frequent showings by guest artists of new and exciting mosaics and jewelry.

Jewelry by Gina Tackett and Gail Rosen

Jewelry by Gina Tackett and Gail Rosen

Andamento brings to mind the flow of life, how our journeys are sometimes planned and sometimes surprising. Our artists have now come together here, in this unusual new gallery. Welcome!
— Gail Rosen